Celebrating Django in AZ

ZAZU West is Phoenix's premier ensemble dedicated to Gypsy Jazz, the style devoted to the legacy of guitar legend Django Reinhardt. Gypsy Jazz, Jazz Manouche, French Swing. Whatever it's called, the sound is infectious, swinging, and unmistakably Django. 

Whether playing the dozens of iconic Django compositions, traditional and contemporary jazz standards in the Gypsy Jazz style, or the music of today's Gypsy Jazz greats in Europe and the U.S., ZAZU West creates a unique performance experience. 

Based in Phoenix Arizona, ZAZU West is excited to be carrying on the "ZAZU" Gypsy Jazz tradition started in Arizona in 2004 with the same unforgettable ingredients: irresistible swing, melancholy dark and moody highlights, and improvisation with reckless abandon.